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Company Description

There are 4.1 billion internet users. And the stats on their digital hygiene are terrible.

  • 70% forgot a password in the last month.
  • 61% reuse passwords.
  • Only 8% use a password manager.
We at Valt are out to solve this problem. We are a small team out to make your life just a little bit easier. We believe protecting your digital identity is a necessity but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore.

As individuals we had all experienced the pain of forgotten passwords - having to reset a password at exactly the wrong moment, trying all our reused passwords until we got locked out, giving up and moving on because the task at hand simply wasn’t worth it.

Founder Brent Heeringa’s research in mnemonics was our spark. We realized we had the key to solving the password problem. Images could help us give users the security of a master password that was totally random and but also totally unforgettable. Even better, they could help us make a password manager that wasn’t just secure but also intuitive and enjoyable.

We at Valt are proud to be building a tool that we can stand behind that makes digital security simple, easy and even a little bit fun.

The Valt team

Brent Heeringa

Co-Founder / CEO

Kaylee Prior

Co-Founder / Head of Product

Andrew Hannon

VP of Engineering

Seth Wynne

Head of Design

John Karabinos

Software Engineer