Memory Boost · Valt - Making Passwords Painless
John displays his record score

Valt Passwords challenges you to beat us at our own new game. When you play a round, we display a randomized grid of Valt’s curated images. In each row, exactly one of the images is yours. The goal is to accurately select your image as fast as possible from each row. We’ll time you. Our intern, John Karabinos, can do it in 15.13 seconds. If you can beat him—or even come close—tweet in our direction with the #beatjohn tag!

John has built iPhone games before. He has his own production studio called Pineapple Workshops through which he released a game called Amaze Ball on the App Store—for the etymologically curious, note that the slang word amazeballs has been accepted in several English dictionaries. When we first brought John onboard, we predicted that this project would make an excellent introduction to our team. And he nailed it!

Memory + Security = Valt

As a child memorizing my etudes, my teacher used to place two bowls on the piano: one filled with dry rice, the other empty. “Each time you play it correctly, put one grain in the empty bowl; for each mistake, take two grains out.”

Brains are powerful, but frequent rehearsal and repetition are essential ingredients for any lasting memory. The Forgot Password button chortles every time you need to log in to a website you don’t visit often. Even though Valt uses images, it’s still a good idea to unlock your Valt once per week to keep everything fresh. Thankfully, no rice bowls are required. But now, reinforcing your images is a more engaging task.

Screen shots of our new game

Every time you play Memory Boost, the challenge of picking from a randomized grid makes it more likely that you’ll remember your images forever. Racing to finish each round also helps you to recognize your images faster each time you unlock your Valt. We hope too that those with a penchant for competition will feel especially compelled to play “just one more time.” As always, your support on Facebook and feedback in email ([email protected]) is extremely valuable. Have fun!