Introducing Valt · Valt - Making Passwords Painless

Introducing Valt

You shop online, you pay your taxes online, you order food online and you talk to your friends online. Let’s face it, the details of your life are stored online.

Now ask yourself, how many online accounts do you have? Is it 20? 30? 50? You might be surprised, but on average people have almost 140 accounts online and by 2020 it will exceed 200. That’s a boatload of usernames and passwords.

If you’re like most people, you forget, reuse and mistype passwords

And while passwords are a pain, they’re usually the only thing protecting your offline life from your online one.

Valt is here to help

We’re like a combination bodyguard-personal assistant. We elegantly and effortlessly protect your digital life while also giving you the freedom to focus on the stuff that’s important to you like paying bills and catching up with your loved ones. We encrypt all your information using techniques approved by the NSA and then protect the information behind a wall that’s guarded by a random password that only you know.

Here’s the thing, random = secure and normally random = hard-to-remember but Valt changes that. We translate your random password into a set of memorable images and then train you on those images using proven techniques from psychology and cognitive science. You get the full protection of randomness with the natural memorability of pictures. It’s a marriage made in security heaven.

With Valt, you access your passwords with memorable images instead of remembering tons of difficult passwords.

With Valt, you access your passwords with memorable images instead of remembering tons of difficult passwords.

Here’s how it works. After training, you’ve learned nine images and only you know that those images are yours. You unlock your Valt by tapping on those images. All your information is stored safely inside, protected by oodles of randomness.

Using the desktop app and Valt browser extensions, your Valt is not only always available to you but seamlessly integrated into your browsing experience. The next time you need a password for a new account we’ll generate a secure one for you and then safely store it in your Valt. If you have a password for an existing account, we’ll store that too. If you go to a website Valt knows about, we’ll automatically fill in your credentials.

Valt takes care of all the details so your online life is safe and uncomplicated. Who doesn’t want that? Go ahead, get a Valt.